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The PERFECT Brush!

There are several 'perfect' hair brushes on the market but today I am going to tell you about my personal favorite, the WETBRUSH.

This one is my personal favorite because it eliminates all trauma to the hair as we brush. Every brush out on the market has a specific use for achieving a different result, but this one makes a big difference between wet hair to styled hair. This is why this makes for a Perfect Hair Brush!

The Wetbrush bristles are one of a kind. They are thin, strong, and very flexible which allows them to move and eliminates split ends or hair loss from brushing. It provides you with the upmost healthy brushing and detangling.

I use the Wetbrush every day on my salon guests. It's the first brush I grab after shampooing them. I know it will be easy to get through those tangled ends and it will uphold the hairs integrity while I do. Although it works wonders on wet hair, it is even good for dry hair. Give one last brush through the hair after styling to see the shine! It is also great for wigs and extensions and its a MUST HAVE if you have a young daughter who hates having her hair combed!

What more can I say, you really need to try this brush out for yourself to see that this really is the "Perfect Brush"!

I have these available at the salon if you want to look at it, hold it, and try it out for yourself!

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