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My Must-Have Summer Products

Summer is here loves! Days at the beach/pool, hours of soaking up the sun, hair blowing in the wind...which means we have to re-think how we are taking care of our hair. Here are my top 5 products for Summer!

1. L'ANZA Healing Blonde Shampoo or Color Preserving Clarifying Shampoo.

These amazing shampoos will gently remove any buildup from salt water, chlorine, hard water, pollution, etc. and keep your hair from becoming dull and lifeless throughout the Summer months.

2. L'ANZA Color Guard and Color Illuminator.

If you spend a lot of time in the water or sun and color your hair, these products are a MUST HAVE!

The Color Guard will protect your color from fading/washing out in the water. When your hair gets wet, those water molecules can actually push the color molecules out of your hair, causing premature fading. The Color Guard will seal in the color and protect against fading.

The Color Illuminator not only gives great vibrancy and shine but protects your hair from damaging UV rays at the same time! Preserving your color and protecting your hair from the drying heat of the sun.

3. L'ANZA Beach Spray.

This spray in sea salt product will give you those perfect beachy waves! I love using this product throughout the day when I am at the lake, to keep my hair looking stylish even when I'm not taking the time to do it.

4. L'ANZA Moi Moi Moisture Masque.

Keep those locks moisturized and nourished by using the Moi Moi Moisture masque 1-2 times per week. Apply after shampooing, leave on for 5-10 minutes, rinse and follow up with your conditioner. Masques work deep within the hair strand and need to be followed by a conditioner to lock the nutrients in.

5. L'ANZA Defrizz Cream.

Lock humidity out of your hair with this luxurious defrizz cream! It's a great, light-weight, leave in cream that helps detangle, nourish and prevent frizz. My curly haired loves...this is for you!

There you have it loves, my top 5 products for Summer! The changing of the seasons definitely calls for a change in your hair care. Keep those locks healthy this Summer!!

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