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Fall Haircare & Trends

This Summer is FLYING by! It's not over yet, but we can feel in the air that the season is definitely changing!

With that change in the air, I am starting to see my guests wanting to make changes to their hairstyles and colors, as well as needing to give their locks some love after all those months in the water and sun!

Let's talk after Summer haircare and Fall 2019 hair trends!

Fall Haircare:

The summer months tend to be more carefree for most of us. We don't use heated styling tools as often, we throw our hair into simple upstyles and braids and just embrace a more natural side of ourselves. While that break from heat styling can be great for our locks, all the time in the hot Summer sun, humid air and water can take its toll. Here are some great tips to get that hair looking and feeling healthy again!

1. Get a trim.

Sometimes all that's needed is to get those dry ends off for your hair to feel completely different! With the changing season, maybe even consider trying one of the new trends for this Fall that I mention later in this post.

2. Do a Clarifying or Deep Conditioning Treatment.

Too much time spent in pool water or even lake water can cause build up on our hair, which can leave it feeling rough and looking dull. A clarifying treatment is a great way to remove that build-up.

The sun and humid air can really dry out those locks, consider an in salon deep conditioning treatment to give your hair more softness, bounce and shine.

3. Switch Up Your Products If Needed.

Depending on your hair type, the changing of the season could mean that it's time to switch up your products! You may no longer need those anti-frizz aids with less humidity in the air or you might need to add some extra moisture into your routine now that the air is cooler and dryer. Feel free to ask at your next appointment which products would be best for your specific needs.

Fall 2019 Hair Trends

Every season brings about new trends in hair styles and colors! Lets check out what's trending this Fall!

1. Deep Side Parts.

Over the Summer we saw a lot more middle parts, and don't worry loves...those aren't going anywhere, BUT deep side parts are definitely the trending way to part your hair this Fall.

2. Headbands.

Yup, headbands. Maybe you haven't worn a headband since 6th grade, but these aren't your old school headbands and everyone can pull them off, no matter what age you are.

3. Face-Framing Tendrils

That's right, this late 90's early 00's trend is back, and is basically the same as it was 20 years ago. Today, those tendrils are slightly thicker. You can thank Kendall Jenner for bringing this look back in.

4. Soft Waves, Brushed Out Curl, Fingerwaves

Fall 2019 is all about TEXTURE!

5. Low Ponys, Statement Braids & Extra Embellishments

Sleek low ponys or statement braids along with some extra bling are the thing this Fall!

6. Red, Copper & Gold

Fall always brings out warm, rich colors. You will see a lot of red, red copper, copper, coral, rose gold, warmer blondes in all combinations and variations this season.

7. Darker Roots

A more grown out, mid season change is HOT right now! Dark roots with lighter ends sends the message that you are not letting go of Summer yet, but you are ready for whatever Fall has in store!

8. Chocolate & Caramel

Those rich, luscious colors just scream FALL. Warm up those browns or add dimension with chocolate or caramel tones or dimension.

9. Ash & Steel Blonde

Those cool, white blonde tones are continuing to trend, even in the fall! Paired with a darker root smudge, these tones will have you looking great in all those cute Fall outfits!

10. Jet Black & Jewel Tones

Jet Black hair is a great way to make a statement and stand out this season!

If you're more into those fun fashion shades, swap out the pastel colors for deeper shades of sapphire, jade, burgundy and plum.

There you have it, love! You should be set with all the haircare and trends for Fall! Now, the question is, which ones are you going to try?

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