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Hair trends for Winter 2017-2018

The hair world is forever changing and I want to keep YOU up to date with the latest looks!

Here are a few trends you'll be seeing this winter!

1. Natural Lengths

Hair that flows freely, full of body and that is minimally styled is HUGE this season! Let your hair speak for itself!

Getting that effortless look, requires the right products! I recommend L'anza Foundation Mousse.

2. Sleek, Wet Look

Wet looking locks, brushed back with volume and tucked behind the ear is still in! We saw a more perfect version of this style this summer, where hair was slicked back, perfectly straight and lacquered...this seasons is more relaxed with extra body!

L'anzas Brilliant Texture is the perfect styling aid for this look.

3. Acid Hair

Highly pigmented, bright hair color! From yellow to electric blue to pink...when it comes to color this season, anything goes as long as its well hydrated and cared for!

My L'anza Vibe Color service is perfect for achieving this trend!

4. Relaxed Curls

Relaxed, loose and natural looking curls are the way to go this season!

Enhance your natural curls with L'anza Curl Define Cream or Curl Up Cream or use a large curling iron and L'anza Brush Thru Hairspray to achieve this look.

5. Short Bobs

You read that right, the shorter the better when it comes to bobs this season! Lengths from the earlobe to chin are trending right now, with blunt but textured ends.

Come see me for this new look!

6. Headbands

Hairbands and headbands are the hottest hair accessories this season! Find something unique that enhances your hair!

7. The Side Part

Its being seen everywhere this season on every length of hair! Try it with straight locks to softly frame the face.

8. The Low Pony

Accessorized, twisted, polished and tucked or worn to the side, there are a variety of ways to pull off this look. It can be lady-like, edgy or romantic, but this season its all about wearing it at the nape.

Ask me about invisa-bobble hair ties to minimize breakage while sporting this style!

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