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Curling Tips 'n Tricks

I get asked ALL of the time by my guests to teach them how to curl their hair at home to achieve certain results, so this weeks blog post is all about CURLS!

How you wrap your hair in your curling iron makes a huge difference in the curl you are able to achieve.

The image to the left gives you a guide on different wrapping methods to achieve a variety of curl styles.

Note: These techniques are achieved without using the clamp on your curling iron but instead wrapping the hair around the barrel of the iron.

The Combo Wrap:

This technique is a little tricky and takes some practice, but is also the best way to get those Victoria’s Secret Angel waves you’ve always wanted.

Start by using the Flat Wrap near the top of your roots, wrapping once or twice around the barrel depending on how long your hair is. Then as you start to get towards the middle and ends of your strands, begin to Spiral Wrap the hair by twisting your hair as you wrap. Hold for 10 seconds. This will leave you with flatter waves near the top that fade into curls at the bottom. Run your fingers through your hair to create a more beachy, messy look.

The Spiral Wrap: For a tighter, bouncier curl (think pre-popstar Taylor Swift when she was still a country darling), you’ll need to twist your hair into a spiral before you start wrapping it around the barrel. Take about a 1-inch section of your hair and twist it away from your face, holding it tight at the end once you’re done so the spiral doesn’t slip out. Then start wrapping the twisted hair around the iron as you normally would. The twist makes it harder for your hair to absorb the heat, so hold it for 10-15 seconds. A good test is to place your fingertip on one of the wrapped strands (without touching the barrel, of course) and once the hair is warm to the touch, you can release it.

The Flat Wrap:

For typical, every day curls use the Flat Wrap technique. When wrapping your hair around the wand, make sure all of the hair stays flat and smooth against it. Keep your wrist steady and don’t let any of the hair twist as you’re wrapping it around the barrel. You should end up with a loose spiral that will resemble the type of curl you would have gotten if you had been using the clamp. Make sure to curl from root to tip for a fuller, voluminous look and only hold for about 5-10 seconds. Since the hair is flat against the barrel, it won’t take long for the heat to absorb. If you’re going for classic and polished, this is the technique for you!


Along with the wrap you use, the SIZE of your curling iron can make a HUGE difference in the type of curl you achieve. See the image below for more information on which to use for length of hair and type of curl.


The type of iron you use is important as well, check out the differences in these iron types below.


Tips 'n Tricks

* Instead of starting to twist your hair from the ends, start closer to the scalp and twist down to the ends. The ends of your hair are more fragile and need less time under heat to produce curl.

* Face the clamp of the iron forward when curling and curl away from the face to create a more natural look and to make the process easier.

* The closer to the scalp you start the curl, the longer your curl will last.

* Use a heat protectant. All of L'anzas' leave in products have a heat protector up to 500 degrees.

* For fine or brittle hair use a lower heat setting: 200-250 degrees. For courser hair use a higher setting: 250-350 degrees.

* Allow curls to cool before running your fingers through them for longer lasting, tighter curls. Or go a step further for bouncier, tighter curls and clip the curls at the base of your head after removing from iron, until cool.

* Keep your iron clean. Heat your iron to a warm temperature and wipe off buildup with a wet cloth.

I hope these tips help you get the curls you've always wanted, loves!

Feel free to share this post with anyone you think will like it!

Thank you for reading!

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