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Cleaning Your Irons

A while back I posted about cleaning your hair brush, today I want to talk about your curling irons and flat irons!

As we use our styling tools, they are bound to get dirty, you might even notice some gunk building up on the iron itself. Styling products and heat protector used before running the iron through your hair eventually builds up on your iron. That gunk can make it harder to use your tools and even transfer some of that grim onto your hair (EEWWW!).

The good news is that they are fairly easy to clean! Here's how its done:

1. Unplug and let your iron cool completely.

2. Use cotton swaps dipped in rubbing alcohol to lightly swap any dirty areas on the iron itself.

3. Once you have removed all of the gunk, use a damp cloth to wipe down the entire tool.

And just like that, your styling tool is good as new!

I hope you found this helpful, loves! Feel free to share with anyone you think might find it useful! Thank you for reading!

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