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Be BeYOUtiful!

Today...EVERYDAY, is the perfect time to feel beYOUtiful inside and out. It's a time to reflect on ourselves & do something our future self will thank us for.

We go day to day doing our same routine. We take care of the kids, running them around with their busy schedules or we go to our hectic jobs, or we are just busy with life. We really just don't have the time to sit back and reflect or take care of ourselves.

We get so busy that things sometimes get a little out of order. Our house gets disorganized, the laundry is piling up, we can't make it to the gym, our roots are way past due. Do I dare say more? Nothing is worse than the feeling of being behind on EVERYTHING and not having an ounce of time for ourselves.

I say, lets get beautiful!

Lets take care of ourselves. When we feel beautiful not only on the inside but on the outside as well, everything else falls into place. For instance, when you make it to the gym and lose a few pounds that have been needing to come off or even gain a pound of muscle; think about how that made you feel!! Excited, self confident, beautiful, less stressed.... Just knowing we accomplished something for ourselves brings us joy! It makes us feel beautiful!

I know first hand what it's like to have a guest leave feeling beautiful. I do everything in my power and skill set to give my guest healthy & beautiful hair. I know the impact that it has when they leave and they are walking out the door with a huge smile, feeling confident and just have a beautiful glow about them and a bounce in their step! I know when taking care of yourself and your hair, everything else is untouchable. When you feel good, life becomes easier to manage.

So take this time and reach out to get those dead ends cut or to get a new color, or join a gym, or pick up a hobby you have been wanting to try out. Reflect and conquer what your heart desires. This is about you. This is about being beYOUtiful.

Photo Credit: @lindseylabargephotography

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