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2019 Hair Trends

A NEW year is here, loves!

You know what that means, NEW HAIR TRENDS are here too! Lets dive into the latest trends that will keep you looking fresh and fashionable in 2019!

1. Pantones Color of the Year: Living Coral

You will be seeing this shade EVERYWHERE this year, loves! It's a beautiful play on the blush and rose gold colors we saw a lot of in 2018. I can see this bright and vibrant hair color being HUGE in the Spring and Summer months.

Don't fret if you aren't a fan of this bright color, when it comes to hair any auburn, copper or blush tone is still on trend this season.

2. Silver

That's right loves, if you love that pearly look, you won't be living in 2018 if you keep it this year. The silver trend isn't going anywhere! From subtle pearly tones to deeper charcoal grays, you can rock those silver locks any way you'd like!

3. Smoky Pink, Multicolored Tips, Pops of Peach & Yellow and Golden Locks

These are a few other trending hair colors for 2019!

That pretty smoky pink we've been starting to see is still going strong, as is adding pops of bright hues like peach and yellow!

Not ready for an all over vibrant look? That's ok! Multicolored tips are on point in 2019.

Looking for something more natural that will compliment your skin tone? Those golden blondes are also BACK!

4. 60's Hair Styles

Bobs and beehives are making a comeback in 2019!

Bobs are getting blunter and sharper, falling between the ear and shoulder for length. This look can do wonders in complimenting bone structure and accentuating the face.

You'll also notice a lot of height throughout the crown in updos this year, playing off that classic beehive look!

5. Micro Braids & Braid Pressing

Those tiny braids we all used to wear in high school are BACK! Wear them as an accent to any style or use them to create a crimped look by first braiding small sections, passing your flat iron over each braid and brushing out to create a textured and voluminous look.

6. Blow-dried, Sleeker, Shinier Hair

That easy, wash and go, messy look is out this year, loves. We will be seeing more polished looks that are sleek, smooth and glossy. Healthy hair is always in style and healthy hair has SHINE, loves! Try adding a clear Flash Glaze to your next color service to enhance your shine.

7. Over the Top Hair Accessories

If you're into claw clips, combs , headbands & sparkly bobby pins, this is your year love! The more hair accessories the better.

8. Pintura Highlights

This one is just for you curly haired beauties! Pintura means "to paint" and is a customized method of highlighting curly hair to accentuate the curls and add dimension. It can be very natural and subtle or more dramatic and is completely customized to each client and curl pattern.

There you have it loves! 2019 is going to be an amazing year for hair! I can't wait to see you for a fresh new look for the New Year!

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