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Your Top 5 Hair Questions Answered

Whether you are fighting frizz, want something to help you look more youthful, want more volume or anything in between, this blog post is for you!

Question #1: "I'm trying to do something with my hair that makes me look younger. Should I change the color, get bangs or cut it short?"


Bangs are always a good choice for a more youthful look. They conceal forehead wrinkles, which helps you look younger. A side swept fringe is the most versatile.

Cutting your hair short most often has the opposite effect and will make you appear more mature. Try a layered cut that hits the collarbone, this offers more versatility in daily styling which also gives a more youthful appearance.

When it comes to color, rich tones with dimensional highlights that are close to your natural hair color will be your best bet. Going too dark can wash out your skin tone and your grow out will be much more noticeable and require more frequent visits to the salon.

Question #2: "My hair is oily at the roots but dry at the ends. The more I style it the drier it gets but the more I condition it the oilier the roots get. Ideas?"


If you are washing your hair daily, which will strip your hair of natural oils, your scalp is being tricked into producing more oil to make up for it. Try washing your hair every 2-3 days instead. Over time your scalp will adjust and stop producing excess oil. When you do shampoo and condition, only use the conditioner from the mid-shaft of your hair to the ends. I am also a firm believer in dry shampoo to help absorb excess oil and refresh & volumize hair between washes. I love the L'ANZA Dry Shampoo for its light-weight, not chalky feel and fresh scent. Hold the can 8 inches from the scalp and direct the spray right at the root of your hair, after a minute or two brush it through and even use a blow dryer to help restyle your hair. Follow up with a light-weight oil, like the L'anza Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment, or light-weight leave in conditioner (L'anza Noni Fruit Leave In Conditioner) on the ends to keep them moisturized without compromising volume. Added perk, both these products have heat protectant in them to save your hair from those hot tools!

Question #3: "Is there a way I can make my hair grow faster?'


There is an over-the-counter supplement called Viviscal that can help your hair grow faster and thicker. It used to be a huge secret in the fashion industry and was only available at high-end stores, but now most drug stores carry it. It is safe to use, all the models take it to get their long locks.

Question 4: "I am trying to grow my hair out, but I get a lot of split ends. Is there a way to get rid of the split ends without losing length?"


Get regular micro trims to keep those split ends at bay. A micro trim every 8 weeks should help keep your hair in good shape and promote growth. Brazilian Blowout also has a Split End Treatment which smooths down the split ends, preventing them from splitting higher and seals them for 6-8 weeks. For my clients with a lot of split ends we alternate this treatment with micro trims. You can also use L'anza De-Frizz Cream on those split ends to keep them moisturized and nourished between salon visits.

Question 5: "I am starting to notice some gray hairs, what's the best way to cover them?"


If you have a few silver strands coming through a demi-permanent color is a great, low-commitment way to begin covering and blending them in. It fades after 4-6 weeks and won't leave you with an obvious regrowth line. There are also some great root touch up sprays that wash out that you can use for a more temporary fix. I like L'oreal Professional Hair Touch Up Root Concealer.

There you have it Loves, the answers to your top hair questions! If you have any questions that aren't addressed in this post, please reach out to me! I will be happy to help you!

Thank you for reading!

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