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YIKES! Dirty Hair Brush!


Loves, we need to start cleaning our hair brushes out!

Lets be honest, we have all been there--when you look at your brush and you can't believe the billow pad that has accumulated--so don't feel bad...but seriously...this needs to be addressed.

At work, I am constantly cleaning the hair from my brushes and using a professional grade cleaner to sanitize my tools between clients. Its the law & I know if I don't, the State Board of Cosmetology will get me even for just one tiny hair stuck in the brush. But at home, I'm guilty of not thinking about it as often as I should and letting it build up (kinda like the vent on my blow dryer...).

So, why it is important for us to remove the billow pad of hair and clean our brushes?

Well, all of that hair becomes a trap for dust mites (ICK!), dust, germs, oil, dander, product....whatever else has built up in your hair or has come into contact with your brush. Think about it, if you don't clean your brushes for months then you have months of icky build up in your brush that is just transferring back into your hair whenever you use it.

So, here's how you can clean your brushes at home.

1. First take the clump of hair off the surface of the your brush with your fingers. If you

need help getting the hair out you can always take a pen or the end of rat tail comb and run it through the underneath of the matted hair and lift up, or invest in a brush cleaner like I use at the salon to save you time and energy. (I'd be happy to pick one up for you)!

2. Once you have removed all the hair, it's time to clean the brush. Fill your sink with warm water and a small amount of clarifying shampoo. Let the brush soak for a few minutes to get all the build up. Use a tooth brush to scrub the bristles and pad of the brush until all of the build up is removed. You may need to soak again.

3. Lay out to dry on a towel or if your in a hurry use your hair dryer to blow it dry.

Now, go clean those brushes and combs loves (and check the vent of your blow dryer while you're at it)! Your hair will be smoother and shinier and those locks might dry a bit quicker if your vent is clean! ;)

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