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What's HOT this Summer...

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

It's been a minute, loves...

I have definitely lacked on the blog posts this past year, but hope to make time for it again as Birchwood Salon and Boutique evolves from a dream into reality! All of the feels are currently pulsating through my body...excitement, honor, anxiety, fear, hesitation, exhaustion, enthusiasm, name it, I'm probably feeling it! Amidst all of these feelings is an overwhelming sense of purpose and passion, a beckoning voice pulling me to push past the fear and just do it. The most important lesson I have been taught throughout the past year with the pandemic and the past 2 years watching my dear Dad fight cancer, is that LIFE IS SHORT and we must take the chances & walk through the doors that are opened for us. As my Dad told me, "You will never know unless you try." He's a wise man, a man who is a natural leader, a man who can bring the greatness out of others...and I am very much his daughter.

Much change is coming my way in the next few months. An evolution of my own creation and dreams. I won't hide my fear, but I also will not succumb to it. Birchwood is more than a simple salon and shopping's a movement of empowerment for women throughout the world. Keep watching love, it's going to be incredible to see what can happen when women cheer one another on!

So, you might be wondering...what's HOT this summer, Christina?

Well love, for starters...the opening of BIRCHWOOD! Within the next few days I will have a more exact time frame for the storefront, but until then Birchwood Boutique is building a community online, offering support, encouragement and of course, lovely goods from lovely women-owned small businesses! Please join us if you haven't already! @birchwood_boutique on Instagram or join the Birchwood Boutique VIP group on Facebook!

I know, you're here for the 2021 Summer Trends so I will get to it!


Colorful Tie Dye Prints

Maxi Dresses/Floor Length Dresses


Monochromatic (Black + White)

Bra Tops

Strappy Silhouettes

SUMMER HAIR TRENDS: Think early 90's

Long Layers + Face Framing

Curtain Bangs

Soft but Blunt Fringe

Super Soft Fringe

(I'm seeing a pattern here....fringe aka bangs are back!)

Shags (Long, Short, Curly...they are all hot right now.)

Mullets ( saw that right...)


Cool, Ashy Brunettes

Auburn/Copper Tones

Solid, All Over Colors

BOLD Color and Placements

Colorful (Blue in particular but any shade that suits your personality)

Rooted/Dimensional Blondes (Balayage and shadow roots are here to stay!)

High Contrast Colors

Warmer Blonde Tones

Seriously, this is like a flashback to the early 90's in so many ways, but as the cycle of trends goes, all of these styles have a modernized feel. Change is in the hAIR, embrace it, move with it and let it help you express yourself!

Until next time, love!

Peace, Joy & Empowerment,


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