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Summer 2018 Hair Color Trends

My favorite times of the year as a hairstylist are when the seasons change. New hair color trends always blaze the way into the coming season and this Summer is no different! Here are 4 BIG trends we are seeing this Spring/Summer!

1. Acid Hair Color.

Acid hair color may sound scary...but don't worry its referring to the shade of the hair, not a product! Acid hair color is the next rainbow or unicorn hair color trend. Its also referred to as neon, dayglow, electric or 80's inspired. Its more technicolor and less My Little Pony.

In a nut shell, it's more vibrant, bright and pigmented color that can be done in a variety of ways from an all over color, to a vibrant root smudge, to a natural root with vibrant ends. The possibilities are endless and you will be seeing A LOT of vivid, bright colors this season!

2. Shades of Gold.

Blonde shades have been moving from the cool, ashy, white tones to much warmer tones throughout 2017 and as we go into Summer of 2018 that trend is continuing! Bright, but soft golden, buttery hues on both blondes and brunettes is hot this season loves! Having warmth in your hair is flattering to almost all skin tons and is much shinier than the ashy colors we have been seeing.

3. Caramel Rose.

The rose-gold & blush trend hit the blonde world hard over the past year, and brunettes wanted a piece of that action! Can't blame them, the color is gorgeous and is a great compliment to darker hair colors. Caramel rose is the perfect marriage of cool pink and warm caramel that's daring, but not too daring. It gives you a natural look that's just jazzed up a nit! It blends in easily and adds texture and dimension to those dark locks.

Don't worry blondes, this shade is still hot for you too! This season its a little less pink and more of a subtle coppery rose gold that's trending for you!

4. Fiery Orange, Pink & Red.

That's right loves! Warmth is BACK! Spicy shades are HOT this season! They are fresh, trendy and push the boundaries a bit more than most colors. If you are looking for a BIG change this trend might be for you! Its attention grabbing, and will give you that CHANGE you've been craving! Bright reds, pinks and orange or copper shades will be everywhere this Summer!

Those are the biggest trends for Summer 2018 loves! One thing to keep in mind if you are considering 1, 3 or 4, these shades can be a bit harder to maintain, but I've got you covered with amazing at home care to help extend the life of those beautiful colors!

Thanks for reading!! I can't wait to see you at your next appointment!

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