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Spring Hair Care Tips

Spring is here loves! Its time to SPRING CLEAN your hair care routine!

Here are some tips to help you have gorgeous hair from day to night as the seasons change!

1. Combat Humidity with Conditioner.

Spring is all about transitioning from dry winter weather to lots of warmth and sunshine (even if we aren't feeling that YET). While we all love more sun and warmth, springtime weather can also cause humidity, which wreaks havoc on all hair types. Fine, thick, straight or curly, the same is true. As the temperatures rise, you need to re-think your conditioning products.

You've most likely been using a deep moisturizing conditioner to keep your hair hydrated during the cold, dry winter months, its time to switch out those heavy conditioners for something a bit lighter! I LOVE the L'anza Color Preserving Conditioner or the L'anza Moisturizing Conditioner, which give your hair just the right amount of moisture to keep it healthy and reduce frizz without the extra weight.

2. Come See Me For A Trim.

Winter is tough on those locks loves! Be sure to come in for a fresh Spring trim to take care of those dry ends and breathe new life into your hair! You don't have to take off much to refresh your strands and go into Spring with healthy, happy hair!

3. Tame Fly-a-ways With Hairspray. Nothing is more annoying than flyaway hairs! During spring and summer, the combination of wind and humidity can make fly-a-ways even worse. Thankfully, hairspray can help you keep them under control!

Once you’ve finished styling your hair, grab a tissue. Fold it in half a few times and spray the tissue with a lot of hairspray. (I like to use the L'anza Lustrous Finishing Spray for the best results.) Then take the tissue and carefully wipe it over your fly-a-ways.

Another tip? Put a travel bottle of hairspray and a couple of tissues in your purse for a fast fix on the go!

4. Avoid Frizz With The Right Product.

If you're prone to frizz in the humid weather, using the right products will save you from fighting it all day!

I love the L'anza Smooth Down Spray and L'anza Smoothing Balm for frizz fighting action! Use together or alone to smooth down the cuticle of your hair and block out the humidity!

5. Have Fun & Accessorize.

There are so many cute hair accessories out there! From woven headbands t0 clip in flowers to sparkly bobby pins...the possibilities are endless and can totally change up your style! Next time you're running late, don't stress...ACCESSORIZE!

6. Lighten Your Locks or Protect Them From UV Rays.

As the sun gets stronger and the weather becomes more enticing, we all start spending more time outdoors, which can be tough on your color!

The way I look at it is that we have 2 choices:

A. PROTECT your hair color and hair health with products that protect your hair from UV rays. Yes, just like we need sunscreen for our skin, we need to protect our hair from UV rays too! I love the L'anza Color Illuminator as a great product to add shine and protect against those harmful rays.

B. Embrace the sunshine and get some highlights or a balayage to lighten up for the warmer Spring and Summer months! Its a great way to keep your hair looking great and change things up throughout the year!

Either way, if you have color treated hair be sure you are using the L'anza Color Preserving Line to keep your hair healthy and your color looking fabulous between salon visits!

7. Remove Mineral Build-Up.

Spend a lot of time in the pool during the warmer months? All of those chemicals can reek havoc on your hair. Be sure to use a clarifying shampoo and replenishing conditioner to keep your hair healthy, shiny and smooth after those dips in the pool!

I love the L'anza Clarifying Shampoo and Replenishing Conditioner-both are color safe too!

Healthy & happy hair in the Spring is possible! With a few simple changes and a bit of creativity, you can have the gorgeous hair you've always dreamt of! Be sure to set up your Spring appointment with me and lets come up with a plan just for you!

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