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Protect Your Skin & Hair

Summer is just around the corner! The sun is getting warmer and warmer every day & these beautiful days are calling us outdoors! We mid-westerners need to take advantage of the warmth and sun as much as possible, but before you head out to soak up those rays, make sure you are protected!

We hear all of the time how important it is to wear sun screen to protect our skin from the damaging UV rays (ANY time we are outdoors, even in the winter), but did you know that your hair needs protection too?

You guessed it, it does, and not only to protect your color from fading. If your hair is exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time, UVA and UVB rays can damage the outside layer or cuticle of your hair. Sun damage to your hair can cause discoloration, dry and brittle strands, broken or split ends, frizziness and even thinning.

Don't fret, you don't have to spend your Summer in a huge hat or covered up from head to toe, BUT you do need the right protection for your skin and hair. Here are my go-to products for protection!

When it comes to protecting your skin, the 2 products in the image below are my favorite! We all want that beautiful natural glow and the SeneDerm Self-Tanning Bronzing Coconut Milk is a great way to get that sun-kissed look without the damage of tanning. Its easy to apply, water resistant, it won't wear off on your clothes and there is NO icky smell. The SeneSun SPF 30 Sunscreen is a light weight spray on sun screen that will give your skin the protection it needs from those harmful UV rays. Both products also offer great moisture and anti-aging benefits! I carry both of these at the salon, so pick some up the next time you're in!

My FAVORITE product to protect your hair from the sun is the L'anza Color Illuminator. Not only will this incredible smelling mist give your hair a healthy shine & make your hair color more vibrant, but it also offers full-spectrum UV protection using powerful botanicals including white gardenia, rose, hibiscus, cornflower, calendula and green orchid.

It can be used on all hair types and textures and is great for guys too! I also have this product available at the salon!

Thank you for taking the time to read! I hope this information helps you have a healthy and enjoyable Summer!

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