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Going from Dark to Blonde, the right way.

Going from dark hair to blonde isn't as simple as you may think, loves. Its important to know that your desired shade may take multiple color sessions and there are many factors that need to be addressed before beginning the process in order to maintain the integrity of your hair.

If your hair has NOT been previously colored, the process of going blonde becomes much easier, as "virgin" hair (hair that has never been chemically treated) usually lifts much easier than hair that has been previously colored. Be sure to be honest and thorough when discussing your color history with your stylist before beginning the blonding process, as this will determine our best course of action to achieve the best results possible for you.

I personally love this image of the stages Khloe Kardashian went through to get to platinum blonde.

As we begin the blonding process, the underlying pigment of your hair is exposed. When your hair is dark, that underlying pigment is very red or orange (see image below). For Khloe's first step a balayage was done and the red/orange that was exposed was toned to a beautiful copper/auburn shade. In her next session she was lightened a bit more to an orange/yellow and was toned to a caramel blonde. Each blonding session, she was able to get lighter and lighter until she finally achieved her desired look; platinum blonde!

As you can see, it was a time consuming process to get her to her desired look, but she was able to have many beautiful colors and maintain her hair health through the entire process.

Depending on your desired look, color history and the health of your hair, going blonde from dark can take anywhere from one 4-8 hour session to multiple sessions over the course of 6 months.

In a case like Khloe's, in-salon deep conditioning treatments between blonding sessions, regular trims, nourishing at-home products and products to combat unwanted warmth are needed to keep the hair healthy and looking its best throughout this process.

So, if you are considering going BLONDE for the Summer, I'd love to talk you through the process! It is possible even from the darkest starting point, but be prepared for a fun journey with me to get you there!

Thank you for reading, loves! Feel free to share this post with others who might find it helpful!

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