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We are incarnated on this earth with personalities that either relate to transcendence or immanence. Those who lean towards transcendence have a longing for the heavens, the metaphysical, and our own mystical inner world. Those who lean towards immanence have attached themselves more to the earth, and the physical world, and are grounded in their body. Being a fully embodied soul having a human experience is finding the balance between transcendence and immanence.

☾ details

* 16k gold-filled double tiny moon charm x 1

* 14k gold-plated brass starry night mother of pearl cubic zirconia charm x 1

* 12" 14k gold-filled brass dainty star chain (1st layer)

* natural freshwater potato pearls x 5

* 15" 14k gold-plated brass curve flat chain (2nd layer)

* 16.

Transcendence Necklace

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