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A sunshower is a phenomenon in which rain falls while the sun is shining. it looks so magical and enchanting that so much folklore revolves around the phenomenon in different countries! One of which, originating from the philippines, is that every time there's a sunshower happening there's a tikbalang* wedding happening around the area.

Tikbalang: a creature of philippine folklore that's half-man, half-horse.

☾ details

* 18k gold-plated brass sun ear posts x 2

* 14k gold-plated brass cz sun charms x 2

* 4.5" 16k gold-plated brass flat chain

* 5" 24k gold plated cable chain

* nickel-free metal earring backs x 2

Each piece is handmade with love in the united states and uses genuine crystals & quality materials that have been tested for longevity. due to crystal variances and their unique raw nature, each one may differ in size and shape. No two crystals are cut exactly the same.

Sunshowers Earrings

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