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Cocktail Infusion Kit - Makes 8 Cocktails - Infuse with Liquor or Hot Water for a Mocktail.


Meet Pumpkin Smash: Casting off the typecast, this kit is anything but basic. This kit got into Harvard Law (what, like it’s hard?) and has the periodic table memorized. It lives, laughs, loves, and we support that energy. This Fall Cocktail is fabulous mixed Cold, Hot or Batched in a punch bowl for a Halloween Gathering.

INGREDIENTS: Butternut Squash, Cinnamon Stick, Allspice, Bitters Infused Non-GMO Vegan Sugar

INFUSE WITH: Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Rum, or Hot Water for a zero-proof recipe

Each jar is filled with Dehydrated Fruit, Herbs and Non-GMO Vegan Sugar. No Preservatives, No Artificial Colors or Flavors.

HANDCRAFTED COCKTAILS: Enjoy the perfect Pumpkin Smash every time with Camp Craft Cocktails’ refined recipe.

Camp Craft Cocktails: Pumpkin Smash

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