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The Best Part of My Job

I get asked all of the time what my favorite part of my job is, and while my usual response is color, if I'm being honest, what I love most about my job has nothing to do with the services I provide at all.

I never go to work and just 'do hair'.

Some days I come into work and hear that you had to put your pet down. Some days I hear that you found out you have cancer and have to start chemo. Some days I hear about how you're struggling to find yourself again. Some days I hear how your marriage is ending. Some days, I cry with you and we share our struggles with one another, and I am grateful that you feel close enough and safe enough with me to open up your heart and life to me as a friend and I am happy to be able to do the same with you.

Other days I come into work and get to hear that you got engaged! That you and your family are finally taking that vacation you've always dreamed of! That you are expecting a new bundle of joy! That you found your dream home and can't wait to move in! That you are graduating with your degree in a few weeks! That you lost 50 pounds and are feeling so good and proud of yourself! Other days, I get to celebrate lifes BIGGEST moments with you and we get to smile and laugh and talk about all of the exciting things to come together and I feel blessed to be able to share in your successes and excitement with you.

My absolute favorite part of my job isn't the work that I do, even though I LOVE that aspect, it's the people I meet, the relationships we form, the friendships I gain and the chance I have to help make your light shine brighter every time I see you. YOU are the highlight of my career and I will forever feel blessed to have guests and friends like you who let me be so much more than a hairstylist every day.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sharing yourselves with me and for allowing me to share myself with you. I truly love you all.

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