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Hand-Cast Sustainable Eco-Resin Triangle Pendant with PALO SANTO (Holy Wood) accents on a bronze 24K Gold plated 18" chain.

Palo Santo is a mystical tree from South America related to Frankincense and Myrrh. Enjoyed by many medicinally (like Sage and Cedar), Palo Santo is believed by some to enhance creativity and bring good fortune.

Made in Colombia

Eco Friendly

About Belart

Belart, a Fair Trade certified company, created by Tulianna and Alejandra Garcés, is a socially conscious jewelry line that provides sustainable employment to internally displaced communities located in post-conflict regions in Colombia. When the company was created more than fifteen years ago, the mother-daughter team set out to confront a humanitarian crisis with deep roots by creating revenue and sustainable employment for those trapped in the lowest levels of poverty: women and indigenous peoples. By partnering with more than three hundred artisans Belart has been able to introduce collections that preserve eroding traditions and celebrate Colombia’s biodiversity. Their designs are inspired by a reverence for nature and a passionate emphasis on devising creative and artistic ways to present issues to the world that most need our attention.

We Are

A woman-led Fair Trade company with over 380 artisan partners across Colombia and Vietnam.

We Believe

In community. In creating a world transformed by love and equality, and by empowering artisan entrepreneurship through providing access to the Global Market place. Our artisan partners earn 30% above market wages.

We Create

All of our designs and custom collections are created in our studio in Southern Vermont.

We Produce

Ethically sourced sustainable jewelry in up-cycled and re-cycled green materials.

Triangle Palo Santo Necklace

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