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Fall and Winter Hair Care Tips

Fall and winter are just around the corner, loves! That means its time to revamp your hair care routine to keep your hair looking, feeling and styling its best!

The cooler air, stronger wind gusts, artificial heat and friction from those cute jackets and scarves can all lead to damaged hair cuticles, resulting in dry, dull, brittle hair.

*THE SOLUTION: Rich conditioning treatments with oil extracts prevent the damage and make damaged hair cuticles smoother. I recommend getting a deep conditioning treatment with your usual 6-8 week hair trim during the winter months. I will customize your conditioning treatment to address your hairs individual needs. You can also add a few drops of L'ANZA Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment or Neem Plant Silk Serum to your conditioner or work the oil through the ends of your still damp hair. This will keep hair supple and shiny.

Fly-away hair is one of the most annoying problems with hair in the winter. It is caused by heated interior air and the contact of hair fibers with other fibers such as the fabric fibers of hats, scarves, and clothing. The movement of these fibers against hair produces static electricity, which makes hair stand on end.

*THE SOLUTION: Styling products such as L'ANZA Defrizz Cream or Fiber Cream help to prevent and control fly-away hair. L'ANZA Keratin Healing Oil or Neem Plant Silk Serum will also help, but I recommend adding them into another product like I mentioned above for better control. For very stubborn fly-aways use a firm hold hair spray, spray a little onto a tissue or clean tooth brush and smooth down the fly-away hairs.

The lack of moisture in the air during this time of the year can also results in a dry scalp. The scalp will produce less sebum, which may lead to dandruff. An itching scalp can be quite irritating.

*THE SOLUTION: Use L'ANZA Remedy Shampoo, Conditioner and Scalp Treatment Spray. This scalp soothing line refreshes the skin’s epidermal layer, leaving the scalp in a perfect state of balance while providing an abundance of nutrients. It is rich in phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium and electrolytes and is known to help oxygenate and regenerate skin skills to promote a healthier scalp.

Finally, if you don't want to go outside without a hat on a cold wintery day, I've got a solution to help keep your hair style in place!

*THE SOLUTION: Use volumizing spray, such as L'ANZA Bounce Up Spray or a sea salt spray ( I love L'ANZA Beach Spray) before you blow-dry your hair while hanging your head upside down. Carry the spray with you to refresh your hairstyle after taking off your hat. L'ANZA Dry Shampoo is also a great tool to have on hand to use after taking off your hat to refresh those locks and get rid of any excess oil or sweat that may have built up as you were wearing it.

There you have it loves! Now you have the knowledge you need to keep those locks looking lovely this season! As always, I am here to give you personalized advice any time you need, so please feel free to reach out or ask me any questions you have at your next appointment.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share!

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