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Are You Getting The Real Deal?

Professional hair product diversion is becoming a real issue. You may have noticed some of your favorite professional brands showing up on the shelves of Walmart, drugstores and even on Amazon. Seems kind of weird, right? I mean, even the bottle says it should only be sold by a what's the deal?

Since I have heard a lot of horror stories from guests, friends and colleagues I thought I would share some insight on this issue with you, so here ya go...

What is Diversion?

Diversion occurs when products are sold in “unauthorized” places. Genuine L'anza or any other professional products are sold only in authorized salons, spas or authorized salon related websites.

Why is Diversion bad?

Diverted products can be counterfeit, diluted formulas, or old, expired formulas that may not be safe to use.

Let me show you some examples:

You might be enticed by the price, but beware of buying any professional product online (unless its from the source itself or from a professional salon website, like mine), in an unauthorized store or anywhere else that isn't authorized. As you can see, you most likely will not be getting the real deal.

I encourage you to read this woman's story about her experience with buying products online,

I want only the best for you, loves! I would hate for you to waste your money on products that aren't what they are supposed to be!

For the record, Ulta, is an authorized seller of professional hair products because they also have a salon on site. However, their prices will almost always be a bit more than through your stylist or local salon. A lot of salons will also offer rewards programs for their clients who purchase products, so be sure to ask! My rewards program automatically gives guests who purchase product 1 point for every dollar spent, 500 points gives them $10 off their next product purchase!

Happy Shopping Loves!

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